Background Information
  • Pons lies in the brainstem in between the medulla and the midbrain and infront of the cerebellum.

  • The word Pons means "bridge" which is fitting because Pons is a bridge like structure that consists of white matter and links the medulla with the higher cortical centers.

  • The pons is linked with movement and face sensations of the human body.

  • A pneumotaxic center in the pons provides a means of inhibiting te respiratory center in the medulla to permit exhaling

Functions of the Pons

  • Helps several areas of the body such as:

    • Sleep

    • Arousal

    • Controlling Autonomic Functions

Nerves of the Pons

  • Trigeminal Nerve- the fifth cranial nerve, responsible for sensations of the face
  • Abducens Nerve- motor nerve, responsible for sideways movement of the eyes
  • Facial Nere- motor nerve, affects the muscles of facial expressions
  • Vestibulocochlear Nerve- sensory nerve, responsible for sending responses from the ear to the brain. It has two parts



Human Anatomy and Physiology By: Silverstein Copyright 1980
Understanding Psychology ~ Glencoe by Richard A. Kasschau